• Imogen Gould – Head of Development

“Hi, I’m Imogen Gould, the Head of Development Squad at Falcon. Swimming is a huge part of my life with Falcon at the heart of it!
I joined Falcon in 2003 and swam in many galas and I competed at my first county championships at 12 years old. Training at Falcon then enabled me to be selected to join the Nottinghamshire County Squad Nova Centurion when I was 13. I trained pretty much everyday with Nova for 6 years and competed at multiple open meets and championships throughout the country. I have been County and regional champion in multiple events over many years, and became a National medalist at 19.
Alongside swimming I completed 10 GCSEs, 3 A Levels, a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a MSc Degree in Sports Medicine.

Outside of coaching Falcon, I have worked as a Sports scientist for Swim England & Nova Centurion, and have been lucky enough to work with some incredible athletes.

Currently, I work for the NHS in Oncology Research. I have also been vaccinating for the COVID-19 pandemic!

Over the years, I have learnt a lot from the coaches at Falcon and I wish to carry that into the future generation of swimmers ?”

  • Richard Williams- Coach
  • Elena Defenza- Coach
  • Steve Allsop – Coach
  • Sophie Melvin – Coach
  • Ellie Barker – Swim Teacher
  • Adam Webber – Swim Teacher
  • George Webster – Swim Teacher
  • Geoff Taylor – Assistant Coach
  • Evie Allsop – Young Aquatic Helper
  • Hannah Bennison – Young Aquatic Helper
  • Isaac Bennison – Young Aquatic Helper
  • Niamh Morley – Young Aquatic Helper
  • Oliver Shaw – Young Aquatic Helper
  • Amy Sheldon – Young Aquatic Helper
  • Rhianna Wright – Young Aquatic Helper

Club Captains

Captains – Ellie Barker & George Webster

Vice Captains – Evie Allsop & Isaac Bennison